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Literary Suspense by Abigail Van Alyn

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    After two years of therapy, prominent sculptor Anna Sheffield is no closer to recovery, in spite of the pedigree of her charismatic therapist. The violent gang rape she suffered still torments her, and the towering stone abandoned in her studio only reminds her of all she’s lost: her friends, her work, her lover, herself. For his part, Dr. Robert Buchanan finds Anna maddeningly resistant. He’s developed a powerful approach to working with sexual trauma, but this patient remains immune. Her patrician reserve tries his patience to the breaking point. But neither is willing to give up. Anna needs this lifeline, and Robert needs to win.

    Then Fate plays its hand. A former patient, Michele Palmer, interrupts Anna’s session demanding to be seen. All black lace, piercings and spectacular tattoos, she’s young, she’s angry, and she’s got something against the doctor. Something big, it turns out. When Anna can’t resist Michele’s magnetic pull, the girl draws her into her fierce vendetta. And when Anna learns what's driving her, the two women form an alliance that leads them deep into the past and into the darkest corners of human craving.

"The Other Woman-literary Suspense-Mystery Novel-Fiction"

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